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Alert ID : INFO4231

Last Modified : 05/21/2018

RFC3161 compliant Time Stamp Authority (TSA) server


An RFC3161 timestamp server provides an essential function in protecting data records for the long-term. It provides proof that the data existed at a particular moment in time and that it has not changed, even by a single binary bit, since it was notarized and time-stamped.

GeoTrust offers a RFC 3161 timestamp server; therefore, it is now possible to signed files with Microsoft Authenticode RFC3161 compliant timestamping server.

Important: GeoTrust recommends customers must leverage SHA256 Timestamping service going forward, and should not use a SHA1 service unless there is a legacy platform constraint which doesn’t allow use of SHA2 service.

The SHA-1 with RFC 3161 timestamping URL is

The SHA-256 with RFC 3161 timestamping URL is

For more information on how to sign code with the RFC3161 compliant timestamp server, please click here