Download a soft certificate via an invite



Certificate issuance

1. Open the message you received from QuoVadis (Trustlink) as shown below.

2. Copy or click the link in the message. 

3. Open one of the following browsers → Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari.

4. Copy the link into the browser.



1. log in with the email address where you received the invite.

2. enter the secret security response that you received with a separate email.

3. click on "Log in" on the right



1. check your certificate details after login



1. Enter a password that will protect your certificate file

2. click on "Accept" after that



1. click on "Close" afterwards



Certificate Download


1. wait until you receive the email for download also from Trustlink as shown below.

2. copy or click the link as shown below.

3. once you have copied the link, paste it back into the browser.



1. Enter your e-mail address to which the message with the download link was sent

2. Enter your certificate password which you have set yourself before

3. click on "Log in”



1. to download the certificate, please click "Download Certificate".


1. click "OK" on the following message



Click on the arrow icon as shown below and select "Save As".



1. Select your folder where you want to place the certificate. In our example, the desktop.

2. Rename the file name, if desired. In our example to Hans_Muster.p12. 3.

3. click on "Save" afterwards.


You can find and use the certificate you just downloaded to your desired folder. 


We strongly recommend that you save this file and password on a network drive or external hard drive in case you change computers or experience problems with your computer.