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Solution ID : SO29171

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Install a Code Signing certificate generated via a MMC certificate snap-in using Microsoft Windows


To install a Code Signing certificate directly within a MMC certificate snap-in using Microsoft Windows, perform the following steps below.
  1. To begin, obtain your certificate in PKCS#7 format as outlined in solution: SO28994
  2. From Microsoft Windows, click Start.
  3. In the Search programs and files field, type mmc.
  4. Click  File > Add/Remove Snap-in.
  5. From the list of available snap-ins, select Certificates. Click Add.
  6. Select Computer account. Click Next.
  7. Select Local computer (the computer this console is running on). Click Finish.
  8. In the Add/Remove Snap-in window, click OK.
  9. Save the console settings for future use.
  10. Expand the Personal folder > right click the Certificates sub-folder > All Tasks > Import.

  11. The certificate importation wizard will open > select Next.

  12. Browse to the saved .p7b file.

  13. Select the .p7b file saved locally > Open.
    Note: The files of type drop down menu needs to be set to PKCS#7 Certificates (*.spc;*.p7b) to locate the correct file.

  14. The path of the file will then be reflected in the Import Wizard > select Next.

  15. Ensure the option to 'Place all certificates in the following store' is selected and that store is reflected as Personal > Click Next.

  16. Review the information listed on the completion window to ensure the correct file has been selected. Click Finish.

  17. A prompt will appear stating the import was successful > OK.

    The Code Signing certificate will be reflected in the personal store of the MMC snap in.