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Bulk Certificate Revocation with CSV File Upload on DigiCert PKI Platform

Solution ID : SO150221143013
Last Modified : 06/13/2024

The DigiCert PKI Platform supports the bulk revocation of certificates, using a CSV file that contains the details of the certificates to be revoked.


Navigating to the Revoke Certificates screen and downloading the template CSV file

  1. From the PKI Manager dashboard, select the Manage Certificates icon.
  2. From the Manage Certificates page, select Revoke Certificates
  3. From this page, download the Bulk Revocation in a .zip format (also attached below).


Editing the Bulk Revocation Template CSV file

  1. The first cell (A1) of the template CSV file is populated with all the attribute fields that can be used to specify the certificates to be revoked, but not all the fields are required for every revocation.
  2. Edit this cell to contain only the certificate attributes that you will be specifying in the cells below, such as Seat ID, Serial Number, and Certificate Profile OID.
  3. In the cells below, use a single cell to enter the information for each certificate, comma-separated and in the same order as the attributes specified in cell A1.

Uploading the completed CSV file

  1. On the Revoke Certificates page, select the Browse button to navigate to your completed CSV file to be uploaded.
  2. Select the reason for the revocation from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Revoke.
  4. The next screen will show the status of the revocation job, with a link to the results as soon as the job has been completed.


Note: If multiple certificates are being revoked, this may take some time.
The administrator that initiated the revocation will receive an email once the job has been completed, with a link to download the results CSV file.