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Difference between a Renewal and a Revoke & Replace (Reissue)

Solution ID : SO3103
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


When your current certificate is about to expire, a Renewal is required.  A Revoke & Replace (Reissue) is when you cancel a current, valid certificate and request a new one.



  • DigiCert certificates are valid for a defined period from the date of issue, after which time they expire and have to be renewed.
  • A renewal is required when your current, valid certificate is expiring in the near future. 
  • Before proceeding with the renewal, please refer to the Conditions for Renewal


Revoke & Replace (Reissue):

  • DigiCert provides the option to revoke & replace (reissue) for the entire validity of all SSL and Code Signing Certificates.
  • A Revoke & Replace (Reissue) will allow you to cancel a currently issued certificate and request a brand new certificate. 
  • Before proceeding with the revoke & replace (reissue), please refer to the Conditions for Reissue.
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