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Discovery Cloud Scan Results 8-Hour Storage Explained

Solution ID : SO050221230126
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


  • During a single cloud scan, we store the scanned results for up to 8 hours until a rescan is initiated.
  • The rescan needs to be initiated manually as this action is not completed automatically.
  • This data will be available until it has been deleted.


The scan process works as follows:

  • Customer A scans the first hour
  • Customer B scans second hour
  • Customer C scans 10 hour


During this time, the certificates discovered during customer A’s scan will be available to both customer A and customer B since they are both within the 8-hour results period.

Customer C will only be able to see the rescan of Customer B’s certificate since the 8-hour period has elapsed.

Rescans triggered by customers are only initiated every 8 hours and the same site or domains are not scanned if this was done within the 8 hours of the scan.

The Customer will only get the cached scanned results during this period.