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How to revoke an Managed PKI for SSL Administrator ID?

Solution ID : SO6295
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


You should revoke an Administrator ID for one of the following reasons: 

  • The private key password is lost or forgotten
  • The private key is corrupted and unrecoverable
  • If the ID has been compromised


Method 1:  Revoke Administrator ID from Managed PKI for SSL Control Center

Revoking an Administrator ID is available only to administrators who have the Security Administrator role.  If the Security Administrator role is not available, refer to Method 2.

  1. Go to https://enterprise-ssl-admin.websecurity.digicert.com/
  2. From the top menu, click Configuration 
  3. From the list, click Administrators
  4. From the list, click View/Edit next to the administrator you would like to revoke 
  5. Click Revoke
  6. From the drop-down box, select a reason for revocation 
  7. Click Revoke


Method 2:  Manual revocation of Administrator ID

Send a fax on company letterhead to (650) 237-8892 requesting the certificate be revoked and include the following information:  

  • Attention to Managed PKI Enterprise Authentication Revoke/Replacement
  • Reason for revoking
  • Organizational Name of your account
  • Organizational Unit of your account
  • Technical contact's full name
  • Technical contact's phone number
  • Technical contact's e-mail address
  • Signature of the Technical or Corporate Contact (any other signatures will delay or halt the process)


Method 3: Email from Organization Contact on account to Enterprise Authentication at enterprise.validation@digicert.com

An email from the organizational contact on the account can be accepted to revoke an Administrator ID. The email must come from the validated email on the account for the contact. The email must contain the following:

1. The organization name within the account
2. The organization unit within the account
3. The administrator's first and last name
4. The administrator's email address listed on the ID