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What is a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificate?

Solution ID : SO9440
Last Modified : 10/26/2023

DigiCert Subject Alternative Name (SAN) Certificates can secure multiple fully qualified domain names with a single certificate. SAN Certificates are often needed to secure Exchange  Server or Office Communications Server and in instances where you need to secure multiple domains that resolve to a single IP address (such as in a shared hosting environment).

SAN Certificates allow you to secure a primary domain and then add additional domains to the Subject Alternative Name field of the certificate. For example, you can secure all these domains with a single SAN Certificate:

  • www.digicert.com
  • knowledge.digicert.com
  • rapidssl.com
  • www.thawte.com

SAN is an optional feature available for Secure Site Pro with EVSecure Site with EVSecure Site ProSecure Site Wildcard, and Secure Site Certificates.