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P12 Certificate Installation Method | Gatekeeper

Solution ID : TL12
Last Modified : 01/10/2024
  1. Locate the certificate PFX file in your default download directory.
    The file should have a file name similar to firstname-lastname-2022-57001f7f.pfx (firstname-lastname-expiration_year-part_of_serial).

  2. Double click on the file to launch the Certificate Import Wizard. Keep the Store Location as Current User and click Next.

  3. Click Next.

  4. On the Private key protection page, do the following:

    Password: Paste in the password displayed on the screen where the certificate was downloaded.
    Mark this key as exportable:
    Check this box so that you can back up or export the certificate when needed.
    Include all extended properties:
    Check this box.

    NOTE: If this certificate will be used with SPEAR, you must select Enable strong private key protection.

  5. Leave the default option select to Automatically select the certificate store..

  6. On the Completing the Certificate Import Wizard page, verify that the settings are correct and then, click Finish.

  7. You should receive "The import was successful" message.