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Payment information

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Last Modified : 01/20/2024


Payment information

DigiCert, Inc. accepts the following forms of payment: 

Credit card

Purchase order (PO)  

Checks (cheques)

Wire/ACH transfers

Billing inquiries

Receipt requests

For customers that reside outside the United States or Japan, please refer to this article.

Credit card

Credit card is our preferred method of payment and is required for expedited orders. We do not charge credit cards until we issue the certificate. We will email a receipt to the billing contact listed in the order within 48 hours of charging the credit card.

Pay via credit card in your online account. We accept:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover/Novus
  • Visa

Purchase order (PO)

                *Not available in Taiwan

The processing time for POs is between 2–4 weeks. Use a credit card for expedited orders.

To purchase a certificate with a purchase order (PO), the PO must contain the following information, or it will be rejected:

1)      Only include "purchase order" in the description. Other descriptions are not accepted. For example, do not use "purchase requisition" or “purchase request.”

2)      Include a purchase order (PO) number.

3)      The PO must include an invoice or bill to physical address. If a specific person needs to process the PO, clearly state this information on the PO and include their email address.

4)      The vendor must be clearly stated as:

DigiCert, Inc.
2801 North Thanksgiving Way, #500 
Lehi, UT 84043 United States

5)      The body of the PO must include:

  • the description (order number) of what is being purchased,
  • the quantity of what is being purchased, and
  • the unit prices of what is being purchased.

6)      Payment terms must be Net30 days or less.

7)      Include a valid signature. If the PO has an approval signature field, the PO must include a valid signature. An electronic signature is acceptable.

8)      Email to ar@digicert.com or fax a copy of your PO within 2 business days.

Wire/ACH transfers

                *Not available in Taiwan

DigiCert, Inc. accepts wire transfers, but keep in mind that the transmitting bank and recipient bank tack on additional processing fees. You must inform your bank that you will pay for those charges. Pay by credit card to avoid these fees.

Include this information on all correspondence to ensure funds are applied to your account:

  • Common name
  • Organization name
  • Order number for the SSL certificate
  • Invoice number

DigiCert Inc. must receive the wire of funds before issuing DigiCert SSL certificate. When wiring the funds, reference the order number or invoice number within the instructions of the wire. Processing time for wire transfers is up to 1 week.

Wire/ACH Instructions:

You must complete the bank transfer using the account details below. After the funds transfer, send an email to ar@digicert.com.

Banking details for DigiCert for all jurisdictions:

Bank of America N.A.

2000 Clayton Road, Building D, 5th Floor
Concord, CA 94520

Beneficiary account: 1233055911

ABA for wires: 026009593

ABA for ACH: 121000358

DigiCert, Inc.

2801 N. Thanksgiving Way, Suite 500
Lehi, UT 84043



Checks (cheques)

                *Not available outside the U.S.

DigiCert, Inc. accepts checks made payable to DigiCert, Inc. Processing time for check is typically 3–8 weeks. Use a credit card for expedited orders.

Please include this information in all correspondence:

  • Common name
  • Organization name
  • Order number for the Server ID

If this information is not included, payment will be returned.

DigiCert, Inc. must receive your check before issuing your certificate. Make sure to write the order number on the face of the check before mailing. 

Lockbox locations

Regular mail (United States Postal Service)

DigiCert, Inc.

P.O. Box 840695

Dallas, TX 75284-0695


Courier mail (United States Postal Service or FedEx)

Bank of America Lockbox Services, Infomart,

Lockbox 840695

1950 N Stemmons Fwy, STE 5010

Dallas, TX 75207


Billing inquiries

For billing inquiries, include your invoice number, order number, and billing inquiry in an email to ar@digicert.com.

Receipt requests

To request a receipt for Secure Site and Commerce Site Server ID's, email the appropriate billing department (listed under Billing inquiries). Include this information in your request:

  1. Name
  2. Order Number
  3. Common Name (if applicable)
  4. Date charged
  5. Amount charged
  6. Last four digits of credit card number
  7. Phone number to contact you if we cannot locate the transaction