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SSL/TLS Order Validation FAQ

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Last Modified : 10/21/2023

You can sign-in to your CertCentral account at any time to get the most up to date information on your orders and certificates. After you have completed purchasing, renewing, or replacing a certificate, the certificate appears under the Certificates> Orders section. Select the Order Number and the order status will be displayed along with various options related to the certificate.
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My order is ”Pending” What does that mean?    
If an order is listed as pending, it typically means that there are validation steps that need to be completed. To find the most up to date status, check the answer above.    
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Why is my order pending?
DigiCert Authentication teams begin processing all orders as quickly as possible and your SSL/TLS Certificate will be issued once authentication is complete. For the benefit of you and your customers, all certificate orders undergo a stringent authentication process to confirm the legitimacy of the submitted organization, common name and the certificate requester. During the validation process, DigiCert will send you communications on any required actions that need to be completed by you.    
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Can I expedite my order?
Authentication for new orders can take time, depending on the verification information you provide and whether or not your certificates are pre-approved. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support

Note: With Secure Site Pro you get priority validation and priority support.   
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How do I sign in to my account?
If you do not already have a Cert Central account and sign-in (username and password), you can create your account when you order, renew, or replace a DigiCert SSL Certificate or Trust Seal.      
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What is Authentication / Verification?

  • Among other items listed in industry guidelines, DigiCert teams will verify:
  • The organization and organizational contact are not listed on denied entity lists.
  • The organization is registered or licensed to conduct business.
  • The organization owns or has the right to use the requested domain.
  • The organizational contact can be verified as a representative of the organization.
  • The organization requesting the certificate is in business and operates in the country listed in the enrollment.
  • The organizational contact is a representative for the organization.
  • The organizational contact is aware and approves of the certificate request
  • The technical contact is authorized to receive the certificate.

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How does DigiCert authenticate my domain?
We require a Domain Control Validation from the domain's owner via one of the domain approval methods. This step prevents applicants from fraudulently or accidentally obtaining SSL/TLS Certificates for domains that do not belong to them.    
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Can I add a SAN to my certificate?

The following options are available:

What does verification entail?

In order for us to fulfill our verification requirements, DigiCert must be able to contact your Organization, and confirm that the Organizational Contact applying for the certificate is a representative of that Organization listed in the order.    
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DigiCert must obtain an independently verified telephone number for the organization (e.g. using reliable online telephone directories) and calling that number to ensure that we can get through to the Organizational Contact. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a valid third-party telephone number for the organization, we will send an e-mail to the Organizational Contact with alternate options.  
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I received an email saying you have tried the verification call, can you call me now?

If you are currently in the office, you can contact Customer Support to initiate the verification process.   
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Can I schedule my verification call?

You can contact DigiCert via e-mail, chat, or telephone to schedule the verification call.    
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How do I renew my certificate?

Go here to initiate the renewal process.    
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Why does my renewal have to go through the validation process again?

For the benefit of you and your customers, all certificate orders undergo a stringent authentication process on a regular interval to confirm the legitimacy of the submitted organization and common name.   
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I have revoked and replaced my certificate a few hours ago, and I have not received it.

You can sign-in to your CertCentral account at any time to get the most up to date information on your order
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When should I revoke my certificate?

If the security of your certificate has been compromised, you should revoke it immediately. If you need to revoke a certificate for any reason, please refer to Revocation Instructions. Revoking a certificate will add the serial number to DigiCert’s CRL and break the trust associated with the certificate.  

: There is no way to recover a revoked certificate.    
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I entered the Purchase Order number during enrollment, why do I need to send in a copy?

We must review a copy of the purchase order, this ensures that all payment terms and billing information is correct. Once the PO is approved and funds deposited, they will be usable within your account.    
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How much does a Replacement cost?

DigiCert offers reissues free of charge for the life of the certificate, when no changes are made to the certificate information.
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When will you charge my credit card?

DigiCert authenticates the transaction when the order/request is received. Once the order is complete, we will complete the transaction. If the order is not approved, we will notify you and you will not be billed.    
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How to contact DigiCert Customer Support?

Contact support via chat, call or email.
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