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CSR creation instructions for Microsoft servers

Create a CSR for Microsoft servers using the DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows.

How to change Intune application values when using scep enrollment method

If you have to change Intune application values when using the SCEP enrollment method see this Microsoft document for more information.

Browser Extension Instructions | PKI Client

Install Authentication Client browser extension, then enroll for your certificate. Return to the same enrollment page to complete your certificate installation.

Initialize a SafeNet eToken 5110+ FIPS

The token uses various passwords for authentication. If an Administrator Password is entered incorrectly 5 times, the eToken locks permanently.

How to download PKI Client | PKI Client

DigiCert PKI Client is required to enroll for an Admin Certificate or you need a copy to load on your machine.

How do I Contact DigiCert PKI 8 & DigiCert One Support?

If you need support on PKI 8 or DigiCert One products (DigiCert® Document Trust Manager, DigiCert® Software Trust Manager, DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager, DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager), please use the information listed below.

Device Certificate Services Documents | CI Plus

DigiCert - Contact CIPlus Service Management for information on the files you need to use.

Cloud-based private key storage with DigiCert® KeyLocker

DigiCert KeyLocker is an automated alternative to manually generating and storing your private key on a hardware token that can be lost or stolen or purchasing a hardware security module (HSM) and storing it on-premises.

How to Create a Certificate Profile | PKI Platform

Log in to DigiCert PKI 8 Admin Portal. Select "Manage Certificate Profiles", "Manage Certificate Profiles", "Add certificate profiles"

Install a certificate generated via a MMC | Microsoft Windows

To install a Code Signing or S/MIME / Client certificate directly within a MMC certificate snap-in using Microsoft Windows. Follow these steps: