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CMS with Key Escrow KMS - A400 - Request failed due to internal error. Try again later

Solution ID : SO29163
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


When enrolling for a certificate using MPKI Web Services, you receive the following error:

The specified request failed.
Request failed due to internal error. Try again later
WebConnector failed in function SubmitCertificateRequest, error -6: CA Error (Error found in SendRequest: Web Service Call failed. Error Message: '<detail><vswstep:message xmlns:vswstep="http://schemas.verisign.com/pkiservices/2009/07/enrollment">Request failed due to internal error. Try again later.</vswstep:message><vswstep:errorcode xmlns:vswstep="http://schemas.verisign.com/pkiservices/2009/07/enrollment">A400</vswstep:errorcode><vswstep:serverTransactionID xmlns:vswstep="http://schemas.verisign.com/pkiservices/2009/07/enrollment">313cxxxxx558</vswstep:serverTransactionID></detail>')


If the server connecting to the KMS was updated with any updates, such as Windows Update, security updates could have affected the communication protocols. Rolling back those changes and rebooting the PKi WS may not resolve this issues if NO other changes were made to the server. 



The Luna and web server (Apache, IIS, etc) need to be restarted to re-establish a trusted communication path. If no other changes were made to the servers, reboot these components to reset communication.