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Delays During Scans of Larger IP Address Ranges

Solution ID : SO050221231412
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


When scanning a large IP address range scan results may be delayed due to varying factors, including but not limited to network speeds on your and ISP’s environments.


  1. Change your scanning settings to Aggressive (high network traffic).

  2. These settings can be achieved by navigating to discovery manage discovery > click on your sensor name > click on the scan settings > click on advanced settings > check the Aggressive (high network traffic) radio button > click on save as per below screen shot: 

  3. Split the IP address ranges to more optimal scanning on your sensor.

  4. Ensure that “stop if scan time exceeds” is not selected until you have established a baseline for your network. (The baseline refers to the typical time it takes to scan a given set of IP’s on your network).