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MPKI 8.x Error "AutoEnrollmentDCOMSrv: cannot run: AEException: could not find any matching RA PSE; but we need one!"

Solution ID : SO21372
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


When trying to start the Auto Enrollment Server, the following error occurs: 

AutoEnrollmentDCOMSrv: cannot run: AEException: could not find any matching RA PSE; but we need one! 

Error Message

Error 0x8000fff: Catastrophic Failure


If restarting the Auto Enrollment service fails, this may happen if auto enrollment service is unable to find the private key of the RA certificate that was generated on HSM. 


Attempting to re-generate the RA keypair on HSM may fail as well. Hence, the Luna HSM may not be able to create the keypair. Please contact SafeNet to verify CSP\KSP proper configuration and connectivity. Once resolved, the service should start. 

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