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Settings that could break ACME implementation with Cert-manager on Kubernetes

Solution ID : SO190721201632
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

Error Message

Platform: CertCentral ACME Automation 

Error: Failed to update ACME account:405: Method Not Allowed

"msg"="ACME server URL host and ACME private key registration host differ. Re-checking ACME account registration""msg"="failed to update ACME account" "error"="405: Method Not Allowed"


This is error occurs when any of the ACME account files like eab/kid or e-mail is updated post account registration.

This error will also occur if old privateKeySecretRef is used, like an old acme account Private Key with a new eab-kid key pair.


The below configurations should not be altered throughout the lifespan of the cert-manager pod: