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View archived PKI Client logs in zlib format

Solution ID : SO150421210611
Last Modified : 11/21/2023


Archived PKI Client logs are stored in a compressed format with a .zlib extension and cannot be viewed directly with plain text editors such as Notepad.

To view archived .zlib files, the QPDF utility zlib-flate can be used:


Once installed, the zlib-flate utility can be used to un-compress the zlib files in CLI:

  • Windows: zlib-flate.exe -uncompress < pki-client-log-filename.txt.zlib > output.txt
    The above command will create a file called output.txt

  • Mac / UNIX: zlib-flate -uncompress  < pki-client-log-file.txt.zlib > output
    The above command creates a plain text file called output.


For further assistance, contact DigiCert PKI Support.