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Important Changes on AATL Certificate Template Removal | PKI Platform

Solution ID : GN200319171703
Last Modified : 10/21/2023


This KB contains changes that impact the following products:

  • Managed PKI (MPKI) 8 Services (New Name: PKI Platform)
  • Adobe Individual Certificates
  • Adobe Organization Certificates
  • Adobe Certified Document Service (CDS) Certificates
  • Adobe Authorized Trust List (AATL) Certificates

What is happening?

Any Adobe Individual, Adobe Organization and Adobe CDS certificate templates were removed from accounts that have not deployed the template or had issued certificates from such template(s) that are now expired.

This change is compliant with Adobe Policy and aligned with industry best practices.

When did this change take place?

The certificate templates were removed from the accounts on April 29, 2019

How does this affect you?

There is no impact to customers that no longer issue AATL compliant certificates.

DigiCert is implementing new compliance steps that adhere to Adobe’s Technical Requirements v2.0 specification. Once deployed, customers who require the certificate templates will be able to request the addition of AATL certificate templates to their account, via your Client Manager or our Support team.

Could the plans change?

We will do our utmost to minimize changes or disruptions. If significant changes are to occur, we will inform you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact DigiCert PKI Support.


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