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AATL Certificate Template Removal | PKI Platform
SMIME Root Transition | PKI Platform
New industry requirements for public Secure Email (S/MIME) certificates
Code signing changes in 2023
DigiCert Certificate Status IP Addresses
DigiCert Log4J Response
New Dedicated IP Addresses
DigiCert timeline: Code signing’s new private key storage requirement
Code signing changes in 2021
PKI Platform 8 RA and administrator certificate CA changes - June 2022
Certificate Validity Changes | PKI Platform
New CRL and OCSP CDN IP addresses | PKI Platform 7 and 8
Important Service Announcement | PKI Platform
Symantec Root Removal
New private key storage requirement for Code Signing certificates
DigiCert root and intermediate CA certificate updates 2023
PKI Platform 8: New OCSP CDN IP addresses
Ending Support for CBC Ciphers in TLS connections to our services
DigiCert G5 root and intermediate CA certificate update
Important Changes on AATL Certificate Template Removal | PKI Platform
DigiCert: Expiring public root and intermediate CA certificates
Advisory: 8 March 2023 Intermediate Certificate Authorities (ICA) certificates expired
DigiCert Java Spring Framework Response
Apple Distrust
Ending support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1. | PKI Platform 8
PKI Platform 7 Shutdown
Federal Common Policy CA Update
Domain validation policy changes in 2021
DigiCert Stopped Issuing SHA-1 Code Signing Certificates
DigiCert will deprecate the Organizational Unit field
Microsoft sunsetting support for Cross-Signed Root Certificates with Kernel-Mode Signing capabilities
DigiCert ICA Update
DigiCert ICA Replacement
IP Address Changes