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DigiCert Log4J Response
New Dedicated IP Addresses
Federal Common Policy CA Update
Advisory: 8 March 2023 Intermediate Certificate Authorities (ICA) certificates expired
Apple Distrust
DigiCert ICA Replacement
New industry requirements for public Secure Email (S/MIME) certificates
DigiCert timeline: Code signing’s new private key storage requirement
Certificate Validity Changes | PKI Platform
DigiCert will deprecate the Organizational Unit field
DigiCert: Expiring public root and intermediate CA certificates
Symantec Root Removal
Microsoft sunsetting support for Cross-Signed Root Certificates with Kernel-Mode Signing capabilities
Code signing changes in 2023
DigiCert Java Spring Framework Response
Domain validation policy changes in 2021
New CRL and OCSP CDN IP addresses | PKI Platform 7 and 8
Code signing changes in 2021
DigiCert ICA Update
IP Address Changes
Ending support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1. | PKI Platform 8
PKI Platform 7 Shutdown
DigiCert Stopped Issuing SHA-1 Code Signing Certificates
SMIME Root Transition | PKI Platform
DigiCert G5 root and intermediate CA certificate update
PKI Platform 8 RA and administrator certificate CA changes - June 2022
Ending Support for CBC Ciphers in TLS connections to our services
AATL Certificate Template Removal | PKI Platform
Important Changes on AATL Certificate Template Removal | PKI Platform
Important Service Announcement | PKI Platform
PKI Platform 8: New OCSP CDN IP addresses
DigiCert root and intermediate CA certificate updates 2023
New private key storage requirement for Code Signing certificates
DigiCert Certificate Status IP Addresses