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DigiCert® Software Trust Manager | “Error creating certificate. Check logs for more information.”

Solution ID : SO190321175526
Last Modified : 10/26/2023


When generating a certificate from an online keypair in DigiCert® Software Trust Manager, users may encounter the status message “Error creating certificate. Check logs for more information.” 


  1. Check the audit logs from the left tab under Reports > Audit Logs. If no errors relating to the certificate generation or keypair is shown in the audit log, proceed to step 2.

  2. An administrator with CA Manager permissions can view the CA certificates used to generate the certificate from the CA screen, under Manage CAs.

  3. Select the CA certificate from the list. Scroll to Certificate Policies Configuration and see Include Certificate Policies. If this item is marked Yes, attempt certificate generation with an appropriate alternative Issuing CA for which Include Certificate Policies is marked Optional.

    Alternatively, the CA certificate’s certificate policies configuration can be changed by contacting DigiCert PKI Support.


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